Browse to a project and computer that interests you, select valid tasks at that computer, and
make sure there are exactly 20 (or use a lower box value). Then copy the url from your browser
into the "Paste the url" box below and click "CALCULATE". You can also CLEAR the statistics
or select additional pages of data up to a total of 10 pages.   This program cannot log in to a users
account so you must enter a url that points to a host computer and NOT a list of user tasks.
To see the original data at web site click on "REVIEW DATA".  TEST DEMO may no longer work as
projects block anon access due to EU laws.  This program is useful on your own projects only.
nCon is number of concurrent tasks in a single GPU (default is 1), nDev is Number of GPUs or CPUs
To compute watts per credit, enter Idle Watts and Load Watts of the system.  If hyperthreads are
enabled use # of threads not cores.  If nCon > 1 then raw stats are adjusted by dividing by nCon.
YOU MUST SELECT A COMPUTER: not "all tasks" as this program CANNOT obtain "?userid="
TEST DEMO:           Wu       nCon    nDev

Paste the url here :

                     Number of pages to gather      
UNKNOWN PROJECT       Load  Watts       Idle Watts