Renaissance Festival Run
October 14-15, 2006


Art Nicholls and Scott Mullin represented the Research Riders on a wild weekend overnighter to the Texas Renaissance Festival in October.  We met several friends at SwRI early Saturday morning and headed west to I10.  Right where it hit 410 a big rainstorm dumped on the bikes, and it looked bleak for a while.  After a thorough soaking, the rain let up, the sun came out, and by the time we gassed up in Seguin we were dry and happy!  From there we rode parallel to I10 on alt 90, and took several smaller roads on the way to Plantersville.  The riding was great, beautiful scenery and winding roads.  Lunch was had in La Grange, then we headed to the piney woods and the festival campground.  After setting up camp amongst, we donned our pirate garb (it was pirate theme weekend) and headed in for a great time.   The evening in the campgrounds after the festival was just as much a show and wild time as the festival.  The next morning we rose early, overcame a dead battery in the van, and headed back to San Antonio.  Along the way the rain hit us several times, so needless to say we were puckered up a bit on the return trip (actually this helped knock out the previous day’s partying, so it was a good thing). - Scott Mullin