Club Ride
Hill Country - Luckenback - Old Railroad Tunnel
July 28, 2007


Hill Country Loop July 28, 2007


We finally got a break in all the rain, so a quick ride was organized to head to the hills.  We planned to go early to avoid most of the heat, and to give us the best chance of missing the afternoon showers.  A group of 10 motorcycles (Mark, Art, Andy, Lorenzo, Ken, Joe, Pete, Steve, Tina, Scott) gathered at 1604 and I10 at 9:00am and headed up I10 to Boerne for breakfast.  At a local Mexican food place we met up with new members Pat and Debbie McGuire.  Munched on huge breakfast tacos then headed up 474.  The scenery was unusually beautiful for this time of year – everything is green, and every creek is flowing.  We did not have any problems at low water crossings.  The twists and turns made for a nice ride.  Form 474 we took 473 into Kendelia, then up Crabapple road towards Blanco.  Crabapple is narrow and twisty and one of the nicest roads in the area.  Beautiful scenery.  At the end of Crabapple we did have to ford about 1 foot of water in the Blanco river, but everyone made it across fine.  From there we had a fast run down 1888 into Luckenback.  We kicked back there for a while and had a couple cool drinks under the oak trees, watching the chickens parade around.   Mike Miller also met us there.  We headed down old Grapeland road to the Old Railroad Tunnel and stopped for a look.  The tunnel is home to millions of bats, and the smell of guano is almost overpowering.  Found a good food stop there also (I think its called the Alamo Café or something like that – good looking burgers).  After the cave jaunt we headed down towards Comfort, then down 473 again to Sisterdale.  We turned south onto 1376 for the run back into Boerne.  Along that stretch we encountered the only rain of the day (light) and a section of read construction (hard pack dirt) so when we got back it looked like we had down some real riding.  A good time was had by all!


Scott Mullin

Club Ride
Old Railroad Tunnel
Aug 13th, 23rd, 2007

Next Ride:  MONDAY,  AUG 13th  A weekday night ride to see the bats fly from the Old Railroad Tunnel.  http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/hunt/wma/find_a_wma/list/?id=17

We talked about doing this when we went by there a couple weeks ago on the last club ride.  The plan is to meet at Hills &Dales (1604 near Babcock) and take off at 6:30pm.  We will take the scenic ride up to the tunnel, north of Comfort.  Grab dinner at a great burger joint next to the tunnel park.  The bats should come out at dusk, around 8:30pm.  As an added bonus,  the Perseid meteor shower is hitting its peak right now also, and the viewing should be great out there in the hill country.



Some of us were not able to make the ride to the Old Railroad Tunnel to se the bats and eat the good burgers there last week, so we are planning another after-work outing that way on THURSDAY, AUGUST 23.  We will meet at 6:30 pm at Hills and Dales and head out.  Takes about 1 hour to get there via the scenic route through the hills.  We will probably eat after the bats fly, around 8 or so. 

 The group that went last week had a real good time, just so you know.   Some I hear want to go again.

 Let me know if you can go – thanks – see you Thursday.

 Ride Safe,