Club Movie
September 22, 2007

OK, Everybody...This is Tina and I have revised the list of names of our 'peeps' attending our "Movie Night" and our list of food and who will be bringing it...
There are a few of you that weren't able as yet to sign up for something so I took the liberty of signing you up for the last few things needed.  If for some reason you cannot bring the item listed, please email me and we'll figure something else out, k?
Meat-Art Nicholls
Burger and Hotdog Buns-Dale and Kelly Haines
Condiments-Steve and Tina Clay
Veggie Tray-MaryAnne Aaron
Veggie Tray-Joe Stateson
Baked Beans-Shane Aaron
Tostada Chips/Salsa-Lorenzo Barrientes
Potato Chips/ Spinach Dip-Mark and Michelle Griffin
Fruit Tray/Lays Chips-Jon and Linda Matthews
Fruit Tray/Dip-Scott and Michelle Mullin
1 Dozen Brownies-Sandra Segovia/Scott Meckel
1 Dozen Cookies-John Duck
1 Dozen Fruit Bars-Andy Vyverman/Michelle Ross
2 Bags Fritos/Bean Dip-Chuck and Elizabeth Ellis
2 Boxes Popcorn-Don Moravits
4 Bags Ice-Mike Miller
I have revised this list and if I left you off of it by mistake please let me know.  If you are getting this email and didn't sign up to come...and have changed your mind....WE'D LOVE FOR YOU TO COME!!!!!  As you can see we have plenty of food!!!! 
Everyone have a great weekend, ride safe if you'll be riding and we will see you next Saturday...
Tina Clay