Amarillo Ride May 3, 2008

Day 3  Around Palo Duro Canyon and Amarillo 

This was our day to see the local sites and not spend as much saddle time.  The weather was real cool (starting off about 37°) in the morning, really refreshing.  After a good breakfast at the hotel hall of horns, we mounted up and rode to the headquarters of Palo Duro Canyon, about 30 miles away.  The state park has a nice interpretive center which we checked out, before heading into the canyon proper.  The views are awesome with the red hills and canyons spreading out from you.  We all rode through the canyon taking in the views.  There are many rock formations in the area, and a few of us took the time to do some hikes (Daniel and Margie even did it with out water, looking pretty dry at the end).  On the way out of the canyon the main group stopped to see the “Sad Monkey” small scale train (this train was used up until 1996 to haul visitors in the park), a special request from Mother who was nostalgic about it.  After that, we headed west of town to see the famous Cadillac Ranch – the bizarre “art work” where the cars are planted half into the ground.  They allow spray painting so several members partook and left our mark there.  The main group cruised into Amarillo to check out the local Harley dealer, and to grab a bite to eat at a local motorcycle hang out on famous route 66 off of 6th street.  Yes, Amarillo has a famous 6th street too, which is part of the famous route 66.  Apparently it was also a gathering place for some of Amarillo’s most homely looking people.....We regrouped that evening for a some real good BBQ at Dyers, a recommendation from Mother.  The evening festivities included the usual social gathering at the hotel area, swapping of stories and consumption of cold drinks and watching another Spurs game.   All in all, another really nice day.