Amarillo Ride May 4, 2008

Day 4  Return to Sweetwater 

We basically back-tracked our second day’s ride, with a slightly different return path, but somehow there was always plenty of new sites along the way.  Again, the lure of the wide open spaces and the freedom of the open rode was great.  Right off the bat the day started great, with the discovery at the first rest/gas top in Coleman of the world’s greatest toilet seat.  Wide and fat and cushy – many of us had to check it out.  We headed down the road back towards Turkey for more gas and rest.  We then headed back south to Sweetwater, where we hooked up again with our friends in the motel, having more cold beers and great food.  As the day waned down, we circled up in the parking lot for group discussions on all topics and lots of relaxing and joking around.  You could sense we had all come together as one big family.