Amarillo Ride May 5, 2008

Day 5.  Run Home 

The last day we got up, packed up the bikes, and headed into downtown Sweetwater to our local breakfast spot.  The food was good yet again, and the waitresses were getting or giving us lots of attention (See Dwaine and Steve about that one).  On the last day we decided to take the most direct path back home, which meant heading towards I10 near Junction.  We passed by the great wind turbines again, and near San Angelo and the big Goodyear test Facility.  The riding was smooth, the only hiccup being Scott’s poor packing which resulted in the loss of his hat.  Luckily Glenn saw it and retrieved it before any trucker could kill it!  At junction we ended the “official” part of the ride, and the group broke into smaller pieces each head back at their own pace.  All in all, it was a fantastic group ride that will be remembered fondly by all of us.  Great planning Mother.