Leakey Ride
October 17th 2009



Leakey Ride Report

14 Bikes met and left the Valero in Helotes at 9:15AM.  We rode up Hwy
16 into Bandera.  Unfortunately as we were coming into Bandera, the
tail of the group encountered a couple deer running across the road.
One deer clipped the back of one bike then lost its footing and fell
into the street, the last rider, Jim Carroll a friend of Bob Burrahms,
had slowed to about 20 mph but could not avoid the fallen deer and
T-boned it.  Jim went down, luckily his slowed speed and riding gear
lessened the crash, he sustained a small scratch on his elbow and of
course his bike had some scrapes as well as bent handlebars.  But he
was able to gather his wits and ride away.

Jim chose to ride back to home and Chuck Ellis rode to Gruene while
the rest of the group continued on the ride.  The rest of the day was
wonderful.  Leaving Bandera we rode Hwy 16 to Medina then caught 337
to Leakey.  Scenery was beautiful with the recent rains making
everything green,  the huge maple trees have not started to change
yet, so we can expect that in a few weeks to come.  We stopped at the
Frio Canyon M/C Stop in Leakey for food and refreshments.

After the stop we rode down Hwy 83 to FM 1050 towards Utopia, then Hwy
187 to FM 470 thru Tarpley and back to Bandera for a short stop then
home via Hwy 16.

Thanks to all who rode,