Research Riders picnic
September 9, 2006


The picnic took place on a day that threatened rain, but it never really came.  A group of rides met at Little Jonís house in San Antonio and ventured to the truck stop at 1604 and I-10 to meet others and have a pre-ride breakfast.  A total of 6 motorcycles left after the meal and headed east along I10 and alt 90 on the way to Palmetto State Park.  The last stretch was really nice, through the rural area around Seguin and Gonzalez.  At the park a couple others riders came in, and met up with Pres David and family.  David had the main pavilion all ready with food and drinks, especially notable was the polish sausage.  We had a relaxing time swapping stories and eating on a lookout above the San Marcos river.   After a few hours the group broke up into smaller pieces, and headed back home in different directions.  A good time was had by all. - Scott Mullin