Club Ride
Vanderpool - Luckenbach
March 12, 2006

Photos and story by Art Nicholls and Scott Mullin

Left Jims restaurant, about 15 bikes all headed to Bandera. RR members -- Scott, Art, Jonathon, Lorenzo, Daniel, Mike Miller, Bob.  Burahm, several wives, and friends.   Breakfast was good, and we talked a  little about staying together and hand signals, then hit the road at  10:00am  sharp.

At Bandera fuel and stretch, 6 bikes depart for various destinations and one new bike joins.  10 continue on to Utopia.  A Utopia, one returns and 9 continue on to Medina.  Highways 470 and big hills of 337.  At Medina  after lunch 3 bikes returned to San Antonio, 6 continued on to Luckenbach.

 Ate lunch at Apple Orchard cafe. 

At this point Art decides a run to Luckenbach is in  order,  and the group breaks up. Scott, Lorenzo, and Bob head down hwy 16 to San  Antonio (and my wife understands what horsepower on a motorcycle means  when  Bob and Lorenzo cruise past us humming). We got into SA right around   3:00pm -- the planned time. The renegade group hits Lukenbach, meets up  with other friends, and finds out about a beer bash in Boerne. Motorcycle  riders just seem to be one big community of friends. Some head to Boerne,  others back to San Antonio.

After Lukenbach: 3 bikes return to SA, 3 bikes hook up with another group and  continue on to Boerne......  and the journey (party) continues......... Basically, we had a real good time. A good group showed up, some people  added in along the way, a few dropped out along the way, and we all had a  lot of fun. The roads were great, good twists and turns and hills, not  too  crowded anywhere. Saw a ton of other bikes all along the way. We  definitely need to make the group ride a monthly thing. Onto the Southside,  or the coast!