The name of this Riding Group shall be Research Riders.

Its Mission Statement is:

           To bring together motorcycle enthusiasts in pursuit of having fun and enhancing the two

           wheel experience in a safe, social and supportive environment.


                                                                    ARTICLE 2


This Group shall be open for membership to all RRA members, (which include, all employees of Southwest Research Institute, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, Southwest Research Center Federal Credit Union, Retirees, their spouses and immediate family) and Non-RRA members. Non-RRA members must have a sponser and be approved by a vote of the general membership. There shall be a two to one ratio of RRA/Non-RRA members allowed.


                                                                    ARTICLE 3

Order of business shall be:

1)      Reading of minutes of last meeting           

2)      Treasurer’s Report

3)      Old business

4)      New business

5)      Open discussion

6)      Adjournment


                                                              ARTICLE 4



1)      Meetings are open to the public for viewing and floor discussion.

2)      Only members may vote on issues.

3)      Regular meetings shall be held once a month on the second Thursday of each month at Noon,

unless otherwise called by the president (or the vice president in his/her absence).

4)      Regular meetings will be held at a location to be determined and announced by the president

(or vice president in his/her absence).

5)      Notice will be given at least one week in advance stating where and when the meeting will be held.

6)      Officers will meet as required.

7)      A simple majority of the voting members present will determine the vote of general business.

8)      A voting member shall be a member who’s dues are current


                                                       ARTICLE 5



1)      Dues will be at the rate of five dollars a year.

2)      Dues are required to be paid no later than the Friday following the September meeting.

       3)   Dues are not refundable.                                                  



                                                            ARTICLE 6



1)      Elections shall take place each year during the August meeting.

2)      Nominations will be accepted one month before the regular August meeting.

3)      Nominees must be current members and dues paid.

4)      A committee, appointed by the presiding officer, will count votes.

5)      Winners will be determined by a simple majority of the ballots received.

6)      Term of office shall be one (1) year; officers may run for reelection.


                                                            ARTICLE 7


Duties of Officers:


The duties of the officers shall be as follows:



1)      To preside over meetings.

2)      To oversee the daily affairs of the Group.

3)      To represent the Group at public functions.

4)      Appoint committees as needed.

5)      The president will not vote on any issue except when required to break a tie.



1)    To perform the duties of the president if he/she is absent.

2)    To assist other officers in the performance of their duties.



1)    To keep a record of all Group meetings.

2)    To send out notices of special meetings.

3)    To handle all correspondence related to the office.



1)    To be in charge of all funds.

2)    To make payments from funds, when required by the Group.

3)    To keep a record of all financial matters of the Group and produce a financial statement quarterly or when called upon to do so.


        Sr. Road Captain:

1)   To post when persons of the Group are going to have a ride, including a point of contact for more information on the ride.

2)   Act as Sergeant-at-Arms during meetings.

3)   Will act as safety officer and will gather and distribute general safety procedures for rides and riders.





                                                   ARTICLE 8



           1) The Group will be in no way responsible for the up-keep, licensing, registration,  

                insurance, inspections, etc. for a member’s or their guests’ motorcycle.

           2) The Group will not force any member to participate in any ride in which the  

  member or his/her guest does not wish to participate.

           3) Each person will be responsible for his/her own actions for the safe and legal operation     

               of his/her own motorcycle.



                                                       ARTICLE 9



The group and individual members and guests recognize that SWRI, SWFBR, SWRCFCU and the Group are held exempt and unaccountable for damages (real or otherwise) resulting from rides with this Group.


                                                                   ARTICLE 10



1)      Any part of these By-Laws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the

       members at the next regular meeting provided:

a)      A written motion, with a second, is submitted by a voting member during a regular meeting.

b)      The motion will list the part of the By-Laws to be changed and the revisions  

      that will be made.

c)      Voting on the amendment will take place at the following meeting.

d)      All voting members will be notified with the proposed change.

e)      A quorum of ¼ of the voting membership must vote and a simple majority of the vote of the members will determine the vote for the purpose of this Article only.

f)        A written proxy vote for this article shall be allowed by contacting the Secretary with said vote.


                                                                   ARTICLE 11



1)  Any member has the right to resign from this group at any time by contacting the  

      Secretary and asking to have his/her name removed from the roster.

2)  Dues are not refundable.





                                                                  ARTICLE 12


1)      If at any time a member or members of the group feel that any member is unsafe,. the  concerned member(s) will contact the Sr. Road Captain, who will contact the President and Vice President. An Officer’s investigation will ensue and appropriate action will be taken.