This is to let everyone know that the Feb. meeting will be on Thursday the 10th at 12noon in the dining hall, room #2.  Items to be brought up are. Awards for the Polar Bear Competition, the St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Credit Union 4 Kids Run.   Also, I have been in touch about our patches and I have been guaranteed that I will have our patches in my hot little hand the day of the meeting. If you ordered a patch/s I will be giving them out at the meeting. The next patch order will go in at the end of Feb. Since they already have the disk made it will not take as long to get them.
 Hope to see ya'll there and ride safe.


=======Credit Unions 4 Kids Ride=============

Our Credit Union is a member of Credit Unions 4 Kids. This year one of the fund raising events is a Motorcycle Ride.

Click HERE for the Registration Form

Click HERE  if you would like to make a straight donation to the Credit Union 4 Kids organization.

 Please look over the forms and consider joining in this run. It should be a great time and is for a great cause.
 If you need any Further information Please contact Jonathan Matthews direct.
 You will find his name, e-mail, and phone number on the entry form.

======saint valentines day massacre ride=====

Click HERE for info on the St Valentines ride, sponsored by the Gypsies.


=====St Patrick's Day Parade=========

We have been chosen to be allowed to ride in the parade. We will be allowed to have a Maximum of 15 riders. The parade is 2 1/2 miles and starts at 2:00PM. We must decorate the bikes with green and white. (don't decorate until you are there). Must wear something GREEN.  I have the following people committed to the parade:  It will be held on March 12 which is a Saturday.

1 Sandra Segovia
2 Scott Meckel
3 Steve Clay
4 Jonathan Matthews
5 Andrew Matheaus
6 Milt James
7 Andrew Gilkey

I have the following people interested:

1 Joseph Stateson (3)
2 Tony Hendrix

================local bike rallies and shows====