We all met at the Pig Stand on Broadway at about ten. Some of can't tell time and got there about 7:30. We left there and headed in mass to the staging area and started getting the bikes ready. We had to be at the staging area at 11:30 and the parade didn't start till 2:00 so we had plenty of time to get ready. 

We had 11 members and 5 special guest. Our Guest were Tina Clay, Cole Henrick, Matt Martinez, Teresa Stateson, and Joseph Stateson III.  I would like to give a special thank you to the Martinez and Henrick Families for allowing Matt and Cole to ride with. These are two of the most polite young men that I have met in a very long time and that is a direct reflection on how they were raised. It was a pleasure to ride with them. I would also like to thank Mr. Martinez and Henrich for trailering one of our non-street bikes back to the staging area. 

 I thought that each of us did a pretty good job, but I must say that Brian Stateson stole the show. Not only did he have the kids yelling but the adults as well. Great show Brian. (See if you can guess which one is him. Think big guy, little bike). Every time I saw him he had a big grin on his face.

 We could not have asked for better weather, 80 degrees and a slight breeze. I still think that SAPD tried to get in on the act. Just after we passed the review stand we all honked our horns and raved our engines. SAPD promptly responded by turning on their sirens.  It worked out perfect and the crowd got a kick out of it. I will say that even though I knew we were in a parade it feels funny when you look back and see 3 patrol cars with their lights flashing. I did love going through the red lights and down the one way streets the wrong way though. 

All in all, the thing I liked the most was that we did it together as a group and had a lot of fun.


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