Stephanie is 26 years young and lives in San Antonio.
She is a Mechanical Engineer in Build. 87.
Stephanie took the MSF course in the fall of 2001. She got her 1st bike in 2002. Since then she has owned four. She has had a 1980 Kawasaki KZ440 and a 1992 Kawasaki EX500. Stephanie currently owns two bikes: a 1991 Yamaha FZR600 and a 2003 Honda CBR600RR. She says that the Honda is yellow... cuz yellow is a fast color.
Stephanie like the small, tight twisties and learned them in the Bay Area of California.
She is presently gearing up for her first ever Track Day in Vegas this September.
Her other hobbies include power lifting, field hockey, mountain biking, snow boarding, and mountaineering.

Sandi is 42 and lives in San Antonio.
She currently owns 2 bikes: a Honda and a Kawasaki.
Sandi's favorite type of riding is cruising. She has been riding for about 7 months and is learning all the rules and safety techniques Sandi has a pretty good teacher too, She rides with her boyfriend who has more then 35 years on a bike.
Sandi loves the ride through the small towns and country roads through the hill country.
She says that she loves the openness of riding and the power of the bike under her control.