The Riders of the Week are Don (Magic) Moravits And Milt (Rev) James

Magic is 52 yrs old and lives in San Antonio
He is a Biomechanical Technician here at SWRI and is in Bld. 128 with Div. 18. He has been at SWRI for 6.5 yrs. and loves it here.
Magic has been riding for 30 years but only one year on the bike that he owns now, which is a 1996 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1500. This is Magic's third bike and he has owned a 1968 Honda 350 and a 1974 Yamaha 750.
Magic is sort of looking for a used H.D. Ultra Classic in the future.
Magic is in no hurry when he cruises and loves to see the sites. He prefers wide sweeping curves.
Magic has been married to Dahnene for 16 years. Don has one son. Magic has been a professional Magician for the past 18 years and this is how he got his Nickname. He also likes to play the guitar.
Magic is a member of the Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC), which has over 13,000 members worldwide, The Gulf Coast VROC, the Vulcan Riders Asso., and is looking at the CMA. He sends an invitation to any Vulcan Riders that would like more info on these groups to contact him at :

Milt (Rev) James is 46 years old and lives in Beorne.
Rev. Has been at SWRI for 2 yrs. and works on the Fire Alarm, and Water Well systems throughout the complex.
He has only one bike at this time which is a 2003 H.D. Heritage Softail, but his wife wants him to get a H.D. Ultra Classic.
Rev. Love the roads in the hill country and the small towns.
He does alot of Pack Riding with members of other clubs but rides independent.
Rev has been married to Denise for 27 yrs., has two children, and two grandchildren with another one due in august 04.
Rev. Graduated form Spirit of Life Bible Institute in 2002 and was Ordained into the Ministry By God's Living Words Ministries in Feb. of 2004 (hence the nickname)