The Riders of the week are: Jonathan (Little John) Matthews and John Duck

Little John is 48 yrs old and has been riding for 23 of them. He has a 2002 Suzuki Volusia. John prefers the Hill Country to do his riding in and his wife and him go riding almost every weekend.
Jonathan is the Chief Operations Officer for the Federal Credit Union here at SWRI. He has been in the Credit Union Industry for 31 years and has been with SwRCFCU for 5.
John serves on the local Credit Union 4 Kids Committee which has 30 local credit union's in San Antonio area raising money for the Christus Santa Children's Hospital. For 2003-2004 Jonathan served as chairman for this committee.
Little John has been married for 26 yrs and has 3 grown children. Riding is a family affair at their house and John's youngest son rides also.
When not riding John enjoys working in the yard, family time with the kids or reading.

John Duck is 24 yrs. old and lives in San Antonio. John has one bike which is a 2003 Yamaha YZF-600r. John bought the bike new and has put over 30,000 miles on it so far. He has bee riding for about 8 yrs.
John prefers the Hill Country because that provides him with the heavy twisties. Roads like 334,335,336,16,and 173 just to name a few but he does all sorts of rides from benefits to straight and long.
John is a gear head, a Volkswagen nut, and loves to ride.